New tools on Map Our Lives

Map Our Lives are proud to announce additional tools now available to premium members. The new Discover section of the site will help you understand the direction you want to take you life. Once you have a firmer grasp on recognising what is important to you, you can start using the goal tools, online vision board tools and life statements to plan a successful new life for yourself!

The Discover section currently has three sections. Fifteen questions you can ask yourself to create clarify, Stop! Start! - tools to highlight what you want to stop doing in your life and what you want to start doing and Time Out - a guide for meditation. Giving yourself time to stop and think is one of the most valuable things we can do. The rush of daily life all too often gets in the way. Taking a moment of calm allows your brain to forget all the short term items in your mind and allows you to focus on what your longer term goals should be.

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