New tools on Map Our Lives

Map Our Lives are proud to announce additional tools now available to premium members. The new Discover section of the site will help you understand the direction you want to take you life. Once you have a firmer grasp on recognising what is important to you, you can start using the goal tools, online vision board tools and life statements to plan a successful new life for yourself!

The Discover section currently has three sections. Fifteen questions you can ask yourself to create clarify, Stop! Start! - tools to highlight what you want to stop doing in your life and what you want to start doing and Time Out - a guide for meditation. Giving yourself time to stop and think is one of the most valuable things we can do. The rush of daily life all too often gets in the way. Taking a moment of calm allows your brain to forget all the short term items in your mind and allows you to focus on what your longer term goals should be.

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Asking questions is a good place to start

We love this blog article by Stephen Parato. Asking yourself questions is a great place to start finding out what you want from your life:

1. What gives me energy?

Activities that align with your purpose will energize you. On the other hand, activities that don’t resonate with your essence will drain you. Be aware and use your energy level as a guide.
2. What excites me?
This is a better question than the lukewarm “What am I passionate about?” Excitement is easily discernible for anyone. And the funny thing is that you find out what you’re passionate about simply by being mindful of what excites you.
“The question you should be asking isn’t, “What do I want?” or “What are my goals?” but “What would excite me?” – Tim Ferriss
3. What kind of ideas come to me in the shower?
The shower is probably the most relaxing part of your day-to-day life. Inspiration strikes when you’re relaxed, as that’s when you’re most receptive. So be aware of what kind of inspiration comes to you while you’re gettin’ so fresh and so clean.
4. What kind of things do people always ask me about?
What kind of advice do others seek from you? This is indicative of the value you can potentially provide to the world at large.
5. What kind of conversations do I have with those closest to me?
What subject matter do you immerse yourself in with loved ones? What information do you share with the people you care about most? What do you talk about when you’re being your true self?
6. What do I do with my free time?
Actions dictate where priorities lie.
7. What topics do I regularly read about?
An obvious way to shine light on your biggest interests.
8. What recurring dreams do I have?
The themes of your dreams will reveal a lot about your subconsciousness. Search the meaning of dreams to get a better grasp on the esoteric wisdom being conveyed.
9. During which experiences in my life have I felt the most alive?
A different spin on following your excitement.
10. What unique interests, or abilities, did I have as a young child?
If your memory is fuzzy, ask your parents for more clarity. This question will reveal a lot about your inherent abilities and your interests prior to societal conditioning.
11. What would I be doing if money were no object?
12. What would I be doing if I absolutely, 100%, did not care about what other people think?
Like the question about money, it’s important to ask yourself what you would be doing if there were no limitations. If you were completely free, what would you do?
13. What is on my bucket list?
What is most important to you? What things, when achieved, will create that deep sense of fulfillment within you? These will most certainly guide you toward your purpose.
14. What topics can I blend together to create my own unique niche?
How can you commix multiple subjects to create your own unique mosaic of life? A great example that James Altucher used was someone who loves both basketball and statistics. If they don’t make it to the NBA (which will be the vast majority of people), they can blend their interests of basketball and statistics to create their own unique amalgamation of mastery.
15. If I were to write a short (1-2 sentence) “About Me”, describing the ideal version of myself, what would it be?
I’ve been asking myself these questions repeatedly for some time now. What have they revealed so far? Well, all signs point to writing and poetry being a major part of my life purpose (for this chapter of my life, at least). Why? Because I’m fascinated by the intricacies of the English language. I also have a sick obsession with super-lyrical hip-hop (like this) and a burning desire to read, like all of the books in the world are about to get the Library of Alexandria treatment. Plus, the act of writing itself excites me. That’s why I’m able to practice every day, sparking new ideas and catalyzing continuous improvement. Combine that with my vast array of additional interests (health, fitness, spirituality, meditation, philosophy, psychology, self-improvement, history, lifehacking, hiking, travel and cooking, to name a few) and I have a staggering stockpile of raw material to distill into digestible poetry and prose. I figured out that everything I enjoy “absorbing” contributes to the skill of writing. So that’s why I do what I do.
Consistently ask yourself these revelatory questions and you will uncover your life purpose, as well as help bring it to fruition.

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Not knowing is OK!

Knowing you want to do something different with your life and starting that journey is the easy bit. Deciding what that change should be is usually a little harder for most of us. At Map Our Lives we constantly hear people say - "I'm not happy with my life but I don't know what I need to do to be happy".

The most important thing to remember is NOT knowing what you want to do is OK!!! Stop seeing it as a negative and start realising it is just the starting point of your new journey. When most of us think about setting goals, they revolve around what we want our life to be like in 6 months or a year. It is therefore normal to start feeling uncomfortable when you don't know what that life should look like but know you want to be somewhere different.

Stop the negative thoughts. Stop the feeling of being uncomfortable. Feel excited. Not knowing just adds to the fun - it adds to the journey. Make finding out your first goal.

If you don't know what you want, start focusing on how you want to feel. Write down that feeling. It might be happy, it might be financially secure, it might be proud, it might be loved. Once you have a feeling, you can start the process of researching how to achieve that feeling.

Let me take the example of "financially secure" - a popular one for lots of us. Lets start breaking that feeling down into some questions:
  • What does financially secure actually mean to you? Does it mean having enough money to get through the month, paying off your mortgage in a year, having a deposit to buy your own house within 6 months? Always match your goal with a timescale. It gives it a clear target for you to focus on.
  • Once you have established the true meaning, start quantifying WHAT it means in physical terms. Does it mean having an extra $500 a month? An extra $1000 per month? 
  • We are now getting deeper into what you need to achieve your goal so can start looking at HOW you can achieve it. Will it mean getting a new job? Will it mean cutting back on unnecessary expenditure?
  • Lets take getting a new job which pays more as the method. Is there anything out there now which you can apply for which will pay what you need? If not what would you like to be doing? What are your interests that link in with a job you would enjoy? What additional training might you need to do first to get the job you want?
The points above are purely as an example. The key point to take away is start understanding what your goals really mean. Vague goals are unachievable goals. Set timescales, set values - be specific and most importantly - enjoy the journey.

Use Map Our Lives to help you start understanding what you new life might look like and also help empower your mind to do all the hard work for you!